Understanding these Tabs

How, you ask, do I divide the Guacamole?

Blog Categories:

  1. Assignments: Let’s face it, I’m taking a “food writing” class at Saint Mary’s College of California and our teacher assigns us topics. Still, the artist in me eludes prompts (by writing about baking and sports when we were supposed to write about EGGS!). aka, beware of twisted titles.
  2. Mexican?: The apprehension of moving out has forced my boyfriend and I into a realization: his mom will not be in our kitchen daily to feed us mounds of authentic Guadalajaran cuisine. Tear. Thus, this tab of KathrynGuacamole will reveal the pathetic moments in our discovery of how insane it is to pull off what his mother accomplishes EVERY NIGHT.
  3. Inspired: When I don’t have enough energy to pretend my personal Mexican-ness is more than 25 percent, or when I’m avoiding the smoke, oil splatters, and endless dishes that come with that particular category, I will be baking or cooking whatever the heck inspires me that day. Plus, my obsessive, compulsive phases may consume me, or never pass, without an outlet (victims of such compulsive phases can thank me later).

So join me in categorizing the ingredients in my life. Or just laugh at me and my pathetic moments; eventually I’ll learn to take it.

-Kathryn Guacamole


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