About Kathryn Baldwin

A new aged, female batman, I am embracing the fears of my past.

My family’s torture-is-love tactics often involved finding the tear-switch for the youngest crier in the pack and accumulating laughs with the “joke’s” overuse. “Carmen Sandiego,” a computer game from the 90s, had a catchy tune that the family turned into “Where in the world is… Kathryn Guacamole!!” (listen to the catchy song if you dare: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3bjAfVLk80g) Emotional, and emotional that I was too emotional, I did not choose this childhood nickname for my tear-switch, nor did I choose the tears that came afterward, but today I feel the urge to fulfill this prophecy.

Like a “Kathryn Baldwin,” an avocado’s outer layer conceals its vibrant, sophisticated interior. It is healthy, but still indulgent, and its smooth, cool layers are interrupted by the giant heart that consumes the center. A spoonful of avocado is refreshing and inviting, but when its paired with other things, it only gets better…

I am Kathryn Guacamole. Who knew my siblings could be so right?!


One Comment to “About Kathryn Baldwin”

  1. It was actually pronounced “Kathryn Wacamole!” we were so intelligent in our torture… though I see why you might want to spell it correctly as your blog title. 🙂

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