“Wine Down”

by Kathryn Baldwin

I have officially begun a 9-5 job and as I scramble to get situated, I crave a daily routine. (I also didn’t have time to cook a meal worthy of discussing: guilty. I’ll make up for it next week I promise. Annyyyways…) I feel like I just completed my first day of kindergarten: I know everything will be fine but everything seems so new, I can’t imagine getting used to it all, and I still feel like a baby. Has anyone else ever felt that way?

Yet we are not babies. I am learning what my delicate constitution needs in order to still the waters. As I try to find my work/life balance, I will be adjusting to different aspects of my daily routine. (If you have a busy brain and a go-get-em personality, routine constructs the basis for a healthy body. This is a cornerstone of Ayurvedic teachings and I swear by this practice.)

For me, meal times and beverages help me to find a daily and weekly rhythm. So, I save time for breakfast in the morning and pack a healthy lunch and teas for work. Still, by the time I get home from work, my brain is reeling with the day’s positive and negative events. I do not want to suffocate my closest friends with my workday recap (amplified by I-680 traffic), so I need a way to turn off my work-brain until tomorrow.

Thus, the term is born: “Wine Down!” Mental health supports physical health, both of which bring a more balanced life and healthier relationships. Find a bottle of wine you love (Avalon Cabernet Savignon, which I love), the best deal at BevMo (current deal presents buy one, get next one for five cents), or even just a wine bottle with a label that speaks to you (The Middle Sister Wines). Put down your keys, take off your shoes, open a bottle, stop counting calories, and wine down. One bottle could last all week, and leaving it on the counter will remind you again the next day: “It’s time to wine down.”

Whether you’re with a best friend, laughing with Ellen Degeneres, or staring out the window at the descending sun, just let work dissipate with the smooth venom of gentle alcohol. It’s not a sin; it’s therapy. That’s my plan.

I hereby swear to wine down.

PS: Please help me with my transition!!! What’s your favorite aspect of your work/life routine?


2 Comments to ““Wine Down””

  1. I brought and drank a bottle of the Middle Sister Pino Noir this week on the cruise!! 🙂

    My tips: make sure to get outside during the workday – it makes me a much happier person than if I’m all cooped up indoors all day. Also, make a playlist for your car rides, use that time to either pump up or de-stress from a long day.

    So proud of you sisser and can’t wait to hear all about your first week!!! 🙂

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