Giada and I…

by Kathryn Baldwin

So as you may have already heard, I’m on a first name basis with Giada. Psh. Well not really. She held up a motivational sign for the children I babysit and then retweeted me an hour later (I refuse to admit that I acted like I was a 12-year-old who just got a text from Justin Bieber).

Clearly I have Giada’s new cookbook: Weeknights with Giada(Apparently every girl and her mother are on a first name basis with this food network wonder-woman. Poop.) The first recipe that caught my eye, Apricot Oat Bars, intrigued me for a few reasons:

1) It reminds me of cobbler. Sigh…

2) It is a possible breakfast food, giving us a reason to get out of bed.

3) Since these bars include fruit and nuts, I was reminded of how Mexican culture is obsessed with the ingredients of fruits and nuts. Seriously. Mexicans will sit around a table and describe fruit textures and names for hours. My favorite is Zapote Negro, a black fruit that grew on a tree at my host family’s house in Mexico…I could go on for hours.

4) Tangent #3 led me to think that Giada’s southern-Italian style of cooking is similar to customs in Mexico. Mexican mole has almonds; Italian pesto has pine nuts. The list goes on forever! (I wonder if this has something to do with climate zones. Or price of animal protein products versus availability of fruits and nuts. I’ll have to do research. I’m in the middle of finals at school. Gimme a break.)

Thus, I decided to try Giada’s Apricot Oat Bars. Considering we had a ton of fig jam chillin’ in the cabinet, I used the exact recipe for a separate pan of Fig Oat Bars (just use dried figs and fig jam instead of dried apricots and apricot jam). They are a great gift for a Mother’s/Grandma’s day picnic, for teacher appreciation come the end of the year, and obviously, for an energy booster when you feel like you’ll die if you spend one more minute slaving on homework.

Apricot (or Any Dried Fruit + Jam) Oat Bars with Walnuts

Follow Giada’s recipe:

If you plan on making these as a breakfast or a mid-afternoon pick-me-up, I recommend putting half of a cup of brown sugar rather than a whole cup. If you want dessert, by all means, load it up!!!!

You may want to try another nut like almonds. I was also thinking that cranberry with pistachio would be fun to try. Make them any way you wish. Just tell me when you make them so I can tell Giada when we meet for coffee this weekend… (cough).


One Comment to “Giada and I…”

  1. Hola I wanted to say that I was genuinely enjoyed this post! Keep it up!

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