Cinco de Mayo: Paloma Time!!!!!

by Kathryn Baldwin

Are you ready for Cinco de Mayo?! It’s actually ironic how much Californians love to celebrate the fifth day of May. Mexico unexpectedly won a single battle against the French in the state of Puebla on May 5th, 1862. Thus, the day has almost nothing to do with us. I took this picture of that particular battle site while studying abroad in Mexico:

I suppose the U.S. is stoked off their asses that the French didn’t take full control of Mexico. Plus, can you imagine taco trucks being Nutella, crepe stands?! Anywho, I can tell you from experience that Cinco de Mayo is a fiesta that mainly takes place here, considering Mexican Independence Day isn’t actually until September 16th. I took this picture in 2010 of the countdown board for Mexico’s 200th year freedom from Spain in Mexico City:

Still, there is something quite Mexican about this day. Octavio Paz, a famous Mexican writer from the mid 1900s, once wrote an essay about how Mexicans embrace every excuse to party. This is one reason I am thankful for having a Mexican boyfriend:

“C’mon Kat, it’s Friday and I got paid today. Let’s celebrate!”… “C’mon Kat, it’s Thursday and I got an A on my math test today. Let’s celebrate!” …  “C’mon Kat, it’s never this warm out this late at night. Let’s celebrate!”

So, it’s Cinco de Mayo guys…let’s celebrate!!! Give in to the wannabe-Mexican-inspired liquor-sale stands that greet you at the entrance of every single effing store!!!!!!!

Paloma (pah-loh-mah)

My boyfriend calls this a Paloma. I call it Tequila-n-Squirt. You should call it whatever the heck you want. Although, I think it’s serendipitous that a Dove (a “Paloma” in Spanish) was nesting on my parent’s deck last week.

THUSSSS……my boyfriend’s family’s signature drink:

-Hornitos, Jimador, Don Julio, Patrón, or Milagro Tequila (Mexicans mainly drink tequila in Guadalajara since the Agave plant is grown in that region. Just like Americans don’t only drink their stereotypical Whiskey, Mexicans don’t only drink Tequila. But hey, this is mainly a Californian celebration anyways so pff… we’ll stick to our confused stereotypes of what’s Mexican.)

Squirt (This is a similar taste to that lovely triple sec flavor, only it’s easier, it’s carbonated, and it comes in Diet for those who count calories).

Salt (Because it’s good for our hearts. NOT. Actually it balances the intensity of the alcohol and the sourness of the lime. You know how we lick salt and chomp a lime when we take a shot of tequila?—same  idea. Plus, salt keeps it colder. That’s why we mix salt in the ice while making ice cream J.)

Lime (An irreplaceable citrus that reminds me of the beach. Lemon? Psh. We’re trying to be Mexican here people… cough cough.)

Directions: Rub lime on the rim of the glass. Sprinkle salt all over (I recommend doing this over the sink, or over a plant next to you if you’re outside). Then, just get it all in the cup! A handful of ice, a double shot of tequila, fill the rest with squirt, squeeze a lime on top, and stir it with anything you have. Your stir-stick may just be the utensil you broke into the lime with. I always end up stirring with my knife.

Swish swish. Sip. Ahhh… Happy fiesta day!


One Comment to “Cinco de Mayo: Paloma Time!!!!!”

  1. Nice Kat. This is by far my favorite blog you have posted.

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