Cinnamon Raspberry FroYo: A Marvelous Mess!

by Kathryn Baldwin

“What?! We had a spotless kitchen like five minutes ago!!” That’s what my mom said when she appeared at the kitchen door and saw this on the newly wiped counter:

“…but I wanna make raspberry cinnamon frozen yogurt!” I whined. She was probably thinking, “psh, if I really wanted fro-yo I could just gather some spare quarters and drive down the street to get some.” She’s right, and so could I. So why the heck did I choose to subject myself to mounds of dishes?! Plus, having an insane amount of egg whites left over guilted me into making mint meringues on the side: more ingredients, more spills, more clanking utensils, more dirty towels, and more left over sweets to stare us down throughout the week.

Well too bad!!!! Some days, making a mess is necessary for our happiness. Case in point:

-Do surfers opt out of a day at the beach because the sand is inevitably going to invade the carpet in their van?

-Does my family give our poodles away (or my Pop for that matter) because they track trails of leaves five feet inside every single doorway?

-Do runners choose not to go jogging because they’ll dirty an extra pair of workout clothes?

-Do painters leave their paint at home because cleaning the brushes is too much work?

-Does a wood worker throw away his belt sander because it spreads too much sawdust?

The answer to all of these questions: sometimes.

Sometimes we abandon the spotless kitchen and walk down the street for some take out, but sometimes a little artistic expression, appreciation of ingredients, and tired knees are necessary. Actually, going out to grab a bite is often cheaper. Using practically a whole carton of eggs just to make a quart or two of ice cream seems insane, but that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t try out Pop’s retro ice cream maker every couple months.

In an instant, you might end up sprinting across the kitchen with a hot plate in your left hand, gooey egg whites on your right hand, opening the oven door with your foot while making your iPhone timer stop quacking with a free pinky finger. These unsolicited, frantic moments happen spontaneously but they’re thrilling in their own Julia-Child-Bad-Girl kinda way (not to mention entertaining to guests).

Yes, I threw apart the kitchen and had to repaint my nails after doing so many dishes, but next time we eat frozen yogurt at Ian’s Yogurt, the contrast of an organized, self-serve toppings bar will flood me with memories. As the clerk weighs my styrofoam cup, I’ll be daydreaming about cracked cinnamon sticks steeping in warm milk, a roaring, ancient ice cream maker, and my smiling family as they scraped the pink edges of their fancy frozen yogurt cups.

Make a mess this weekend. Your creativity is craving it.

Cinnamon Raspberry Frozen Yogurt Recipe:

My favorite ice cream recipe is from BrownEyedBaker. I have an addiction to cinnamon stuff based on my obsession with Horchata, so I tweaked that cinnamon ice cream recipe this time to make it a TAD! bit healthier.

Steep the cinnamon sticks, ¾ cups sugar, and a pinch of salt in two cups of slowly heated, whole milk for an hour.

Beat five egg yolks and add the milk mixture (cinnamon sticks removed) into the yolks slowly. Strain that yolkie mixture back into the saucepan.

Warm yolk mixture again and stir-stir-stir until it leaves a film on your spoon.

Strain this mixture into a bowl; add a cup of plain Greek yogurt, another dash of cinnamon for looks, a tiny bit of vanilla, and a few handfuls of raspberries.

Then let your retro ice cream maker drive your family crazy. Or maybe you have a quieter one…? Haha.


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