Dessert, Breakfast, and Pie IN ONE!

by Kathryn Baldwin

If I want to learn to cook like a Mexican goddess, I should learn to cook meat. Ha! Baby steps.

I found my next Mexican food cooking adventure in the back of my cookbook: Fruit Filled Empanadas. I did not expect that eating this warm, Mexican hot pocket would feel as good as I felt as a kid when I begged for those mini apple pies from McDonalds. Except, where McDonalds pies use flavor from a chemically concocted potion made in the worlds largest flavor company factory (Flavors & Fragrances) in New Jersey, this pocket of love was made by my inspired labor and lonely Saturday night. They’re like dessert, breakfast, and pie all in one: I think I could make these once a week…and I know my family wouldn’t complain. Not to mention, unlike McDonalds’ products, you could probably venture to eat the whole batch without a heart attack interrupting halfway through.


3 Comments to “Dessert, Breakfast, and Pie IN ONE!”

  1. These were SOOO good! A delicious treat to end a sad, sad football game on a semi-better note!

  2. Yum! Those look amazing! Way to go!

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