Fire!!!!! (Part 1)

by Kathryn Baldwin

My Mexican boyfriend of five years has created a religion in reverence of his mother’s chile rellenos. To prepare for a day when his mother’s cooking is not a constant background symphony during our evening Wheel of Fortune competitions, we plunged our amateur hands and naïve hunger into a chile relleno recipe we found in my Christmas gift from my Godmother: The Complete Book of Mexican Cooking.

Fully equipped with our ingredients from Las Montañas in Concord (the closest Mexico around), our first solo creation of an elaborate Mexican meal taught us valuable lessons about how to prevent two different types of fire:

  1. Never put cold oil in a hot pan! When all else fails, sprinting across the kitchen with a flaming pan yields an inferior result to smothering the flames with something as simple as a lid.
  2. Never handle chiles with bare hands! If the fire on your hands has already begun, plunge them in diluted bleach, soak them in sour cream or buckets of iced milk, find heaven in numbness, and pray.

A week later (last Sunday), lucky to not be busy mourning my boyfriend’s eyebrows, I attempted the recipe one more time. Stay tuned for the next circus act…


One Comment to “Fire!!!!! (Part 1)”

  1. Your blog posts are SO great–love the voice, layout, look and storytelling! Great work!

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